Manatee 3 Gun doesn't fall under USPSA or 3GN rules. We a blended approach to the rules for our monthly 3 gun (Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol) matches on the 2nd Saturday of every month and the 5th Saturday whenever a month has 5 Saturdays. We are located on the West coast of Florida at Manatee Gun and Archery Club, 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, FL. Sign in starts at 8:00, safety briefing starts at 9:00, with shooting to follow. Cost is $25 for club members and $35 for non-members (pay at 3 gun sign in, NOT main club house).

Disclaimer - If you come out and shoot one of our matches, you'll be hooked and want to do it every time.

May 30th, 2020 Match is a go!

This Saturday will be our 5th Saturday Match. Sign in begins at 8:15.

We will be attempting to take some measures to protect everyone from the "Chinese Virus". These items include social distancing, hand sanitizer provided at each stage, limiting the number of people touching the timer and tablet and suggest using work gloves to reset targets. 

General Match Info:

1. We will have our ever popular "sniper stage" with shots out to 600 yards.
2. You can shoot any rifle you want on the sniper stage provided it is not larger than .30 caliber or muzzle velocity in excess of 3,200 FPS. Bolt guns are welcome and you can run an entirely different rifle/carbine on all the other stages.
3. Since there is a USPSA multigun event coming up there will be stages that will feature the ever-popular shotgun reloading contest element.

4. Other than the sniper stage the other stages will be run and gun stages with a mix of carbine, shotgun & pistol.
I strongly urge all shooters to bone up on their dope/ballistics for their rifle and load out to 600 yards. If you are gonna shoot this stage shoot it responsibly. Don't put rounds downrange randomly and HOPE you hit the target. That is bad form and unsafe.
To refresh everyone's memory the Sniper Stage employs a unique scoring system..
Example: Actual raw time + (plus) penalty time for Misses, FTE’s or Procedural's - (minus) bonus time for 1st round hits on the bonus target = Final Score
Sniper Stage Scoring - Rifle steel must be hit once each to neutralize (RO or spotters will call hits). When a target is neutralized move on to the next target. First round hits will be awarded no bonus or penalty time, a 1st round miss is a 20 second penalty, a miss on both the 1st and 2nd rounds is a 40 second penalty and the bonus target is a 20 second bonus. There will be not more than 2 shots allowed/per target/shooting position, with the exception of the bonus target which will be allowed only one shot/per target/shooting position. Failure to engage in tactical order is a procedural penalty of 20 seconds. Failure to engage is a penalty of 60 seconds/target not engaged. Any bonus target is Optional and is a 20 second bonus for a 1st round hit and no penalty time for a miss. Maximum raw time 200 seconds
Shooter may utilize a bipod, a rifle sling, a pack, a field type shooting bag, or any combination of those items for support. Anything used for support must be of the type employed under field shooting conditions. Benchrest type rifle front & rear rests are prohibited. Match Director and RSO’s decision as to acceptability of supports shall be final. All shooters must shoot from the designated Shooting Position. Shooting from a position other than the designated Shooting Position will be a match DQ.

May 9th, 2020 Match Cancelled

We are cancelling our regularly scheduled 3 gun match for next Saturday May 9th.

We are planning to run our 5th Saturday match on May 30th.

Stay tuned for further news.