Manatee 3 Gun doesn't fall under USPSA or 3GN rules. We a blended approach to the rules for our monthly 3 gun (Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol) matches on the 2nd Saturday of every month and the 5th Saturday whenever a month has 5 Saturdays. We are located on the West coast of Florida at Manatee Gun and Archery Club, 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, FL. Sign in starts at 8:00, safety briefing starts at 9:00, with shooting to follow. Cost is $25 for club members and $35 for non-members (pay at 3 gun sign in, NOT main club house).

Disclaimer - If you come out and shoot one of our matches, you'll be hooked and want to do it every time.

November to have two (2) 3 gun matches

With November having 5 Saturdays, we were able to reserve the ranges on November 29th (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) for an additional 3 gun match in November.  If you are like me those months with 5 Saturdays in them make it seem like a very long time between our monthly matches.

We will also be shooting our normal match on the second (November 8th) Saturday.

Plan on joining us for both these shoots.