Manatee 3 Gun doesn't fall under USPSA or 3GN rules. We a blended approach to the rules for our monthly 3 gun (Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol) matches on the 2nd Saturday of every month and the 5th Saturday whenever a month has 5 Saturdays. We are located on the West coast of Florida at Manatee Gun and Archery Club, 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, FL. Sign in starts at 8:00, safety briefing starts at 9:00, with shooting to follow. Cost is $25 for club members and $35 for non-members (pay at 3 gun sign in, NOT main club house).

Disclaimer - If you come out and shoot one of our matches, you'll be hooked and want to do it every time.

January to have two (2) 3 Gun matches

Since January 2015 has five Saturdays we will be having two matches in January.  The normal 2nd Saturday and also the 5th Saturday.

Plan on coming out to both and joining the fun.

December 2014 3 Gun Match

We had a great day of shooting at our December 3 gun match.  The weather was GREAT.

A big Thank You for the score keepers that learned the new Practiscore program on our Nooks.  The use of Nooks really helped save time and get the scores posted faster.

November 29th 2014 3 Gun Match

For the November 29th 3 gun match please bring 5 slugs for your shotgun as we will be including slug targets on some stages.

We will also be having a new target in use for that day so plan on coming and having fun with us.

2015 Match Schedule

For 2015 we have reserved the ranges for the second Saturday of each month as well as the fifth Saturday whenever a month has five Saturdays. 

Second Saturday for every month and the following months have 5 Saturdays in 2015:


We will shoot our normal match on the second Saturday but may do special matches on the fifth Saturdays.  If you have suggestions on what you would want to see on the fifth Saturday matches please let us know.

November to have two (2) 3 gun matches

With November having 5 Saturdays, we were able to reserve the ranges on November 29th (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) for an additional 3 gun match in November.  If you are like me those months with 5 Saturdays in them make it seem like a very long time between our monthly matches.

We will also be shooting our normal match on the second (November 8th) Saturday.

Plan on joining us for both these shoots.

October 11th 3 Gun Match

Saturday October 11th was a great day for a shoot.  If you didn't make it to the match you missed it.  Great weather and great shooting with a great group of guys.

We had 5 stages on five ranges.  The stages were balanced well to allow for no down time between stages for the squads.  Two of the three squads were finished by 3:00.

We are currently testing technology to allow us to enter scores into smart phones during the match to accommodate a easier results posting. 

Hope to see you next time.

September 13th 3 Gun Match

We had 42 shooters participated in 6 fun filled stages.  We are working on plans to break the shooters down into 4 squads in order to speed up the day.

Thanks for coming out and supporting our local 3 gun club, you guys and gals are what make the club all that it is.

August 9th Manatee 3 Gun Match

Even though it was a little soggy from rain the day before we were blessed with no rain for the match. 

We shoot 6 stages with three squads totaling 25 shooters.  On stage 3 we use the new MGM cardboard pop up target for the first time.  This target tested the reaction time for our shooters as the target disappeared after a few brief seconds once it was triggered by the shooter hitting a pepper popper.

July 12th Manatee 3 gun match

We had a great day at the range.  The weather was warm (ok it was hot) but the rain held off until after all the equipment was picked up.

We shoot 6 stages with 3 squads totaling 24 shooters.  Several shooters brought their family members to enjoy the day as well.  It was great to see the children get involved by helping pickup steel targets (I wish they were on my squad to help).

June 14th Manatee 3 Gun Match

On June 14th we had a record setting 34 shooters and several friends and family members observing the match.

We shoot 5 stages on 3 different ranges.  Our planning was a little off because we had a backup on the long rifle/pistol and shotgun/pistol stages.  We will work on our timing so future matches are not delayed why waiting for other squads to shoot. 

Thanks for all the help to make this a great shoot.

June 14th Match

Manatee 3 Gun will be holding their monthly match on June 14th, 2014 at Manatee Gun and Archery Club, 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, FL  34251. 

Sign in and setup starts at 9:00 and walk through starts at 10:00.

This month we are excited to expand our shoot to include 6 stages held on 3 bays/ranges.  In order to facilitate our additional 2 stages, we have added additional steel knock down targets.  

Action Shooting 3-Gun Match
June 14th (2nd Saturday)

At least 5 Stages of fun (Pistol, Carbine & Shotgun)

(Reactive Targets & Static Steel for Pistol & Shotgun, IPSC Cardboard & Static Steel for Carbine)

Loaner Shotguns, Rifles/Carbines will be available (bring factory ammo)

& Set-up begins at 9:00 AM

Match begins at 10:00 AM

Entry Fee: $10.00 for members; $25.00 for non-members

Round Count (Approximate): 80-100 Pistol; 10-20 Shotgun; 80-100 Carbine

                     Pistols .38 Special/9MM or larger, Jacketed OK
                     Shotguns 20 gauge or larger
                     Shotgun Ammo-#6 shot or lighter; Lead shot only
                     Rifle Ammo-.223 or larger, NO armor-piercing, Steel-core, tracer or incendiary
                     Holsters-belt mounted hip holsters or tactical thigh holsters ONLY (no cross-draw or shoulder rigs). Holsters must be rigid enough to allow for re-holstering with one hand
                     Magazines/speed loaders capable of a minimum of 24 rounds/stage for Pistol
                     Eye & Ear protection is required for all shooters and observers

First 3 Gun Clinic is a wrap

Today we had great weather for a great day shooting our first 3 Gun Introductory Clinic at Manatee Gun Club. 

This clinic was designed to introduce shooters to one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the nation.  Competition shooting can be intimidating for the first timers, so we design the clinic to be low in the intimidation factor. 

Nine guys joined us today for the clinic.  After a little over an hour of classroom time we moved to the range to shoot 3 stages of fire.  The first stage was a pistol only stage.  The second stage was rifle and pistol.  The third stage was shotgun and pistol.  It was great to see the excitement the first time 3 gunners had.  Based on their feedback at the end of the clinic, they will back for our monthly matches on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  My guess is there were a lot of guys hitting the Internet tonight to watch videos and ordering equipment (sorry wives).

By the end of the clinic we had guys asking when the next 3 gun clinic was because they wanted their friends to come out and learn 3 gun.  We have not scheduled it yet, but plan on getting it on the calendar for sometime in the next 3 months.  If you are interested and don't want to wait until the clinic you can always come to our monthly match, we always welcome first timers and will pair you up with a veteran 3 gunner to make your experience a positive one.

A big thank you to Matt W. for helping with the clinic.

It was a great pleasure introducing you guys to the sport of 3 Gun, Mark (aka Marty) and Todd.

May 10th Match

We had a great shoot on Saturday.  Here's some photos of the day.

Introductory 3 Gun Clinic - May 17th, 2014


The Manatee 3 Gun Club is holding a free (you will only pay for range fees) clinic on the exciting, fast paced, sport of 3 gun action shooting on Saturday May 17th, 2014 at Manatee Gun and Archery Club 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, Fl.

Ø In this clinic you will learn about the equipment needed for a typical 3 gun match, how to “read” a stage and 3 gun range safety rules.
Ø After the classroom time you will actually shoot a couple 3 gun stages.
What to bring –
·      Pistol (must retain the weapon and cover the trigger guard), holster, magazines (at least 2) magazine pouches and belt.
·      Rifle – most common platform is the AR 15 / M4 in 223.  Bring at least two magazines.
·      Shotgun – 12 or 20 gauge, pump or auto loader.
·      Loaner weapons will be available for you use if you do not have one or more of the weapons.
·    Bring the following ammo:  100 pistol, 90 rifle and 25 shotgun (#6-8 shot no steel shot).  If you are going to borrow one of our weapons please bring factory ammo in 9mm, 223 (no green tipped or steel core ammo) and 25 12 gauge shells.
·    Hat, Sunglasses or safety glasses, ear protection.
·    Lunch and drinks.

Clinic will start at 9:00 AM and end around 2 to 3 PM.
For more information contact Mark Meek at 813-760-0379 or