Manatee 3 Gun doesn't fall under USPSA or 3GN rules. We a blended approach to the rules for our monthly 3 gun (Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol) matches on the 2nd Saturday of every month and the 5th Saturday whenever a month has 5 Saturdays. We are located on the West coast of Florida at Manatee Gun and Archery Club, 1805 Logue Road, Myakka City, FL. Sign in starts at 8:00, safety briefing starts at 9:00, with shooting to follow. Cost is $25 for club members and $30 for non-members (pay at 3 gun sign in, NOT main club house).

Disclaimer - If you come out and shoot one of our matches, you'll be hooked and want to do it every time.

Match Fee Increase

As many of you are aware there has been a lot of change in the makeup of board members and officers at Manatee Gun Club and some new policies implemented by the new regime will be impacting our discipline.

Not the least of which are an increase in what our 3-gun program pays MGAC for use of the ranges.

So we regret to inform all our shooters that going forward we will be increasing our match fees. Beginning with the match scheduled for December 8th match fees will be $25 for members and $30 for non-members.


Marty (aka Mark) Meek

September 8th Match

We had a great match today.  The rain held off so that we could complete the match.

As a reminder September has 5 Saturdays so we will be having a 5th Saturday match on September 29th.

June 30th Match Cancelled

The June 30th match for Manatee 3 Gun has been Cancelled.  Please join us on July 14th for our next match.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

April 14th Match cancelled

Due to the ongoing range improvements, we will not be able to have our April 14th, 2018 match as scheduled.  Sorry about the inconvenience.  Hope to see you on May 12th for our next match.

March10th and March 31st 2018 Matches are Cancelled

Manatee Gun and Archery Club will be closed for the better part of March for some major range work to be done.  This work consist of heavy equipment to move dirt around for range enhancements.  With this being said, the March 10th and March 31st matches are cancelled.

As much as this is an inconvenience for us all, it will benefit the overall range as well as our 3 gun club to have these enhancements.

Looking forward to the April 14th match.

December and January Match Dates

In December we have two matches scheduled, or regular monthly match on December 9th and the 5th Saturday match December 30th.

In January we will be holding our normal monthly match on the third Saturday (1/20/18) to allow a special event to use our normal Saturday.

November 11th Match - Veterans Day

We had a great match today at Manatee 3 Gun.  The weather was great. Since it was Veterans Day, all Veterans at the match  shoot for free.  The selfless service that veterans gave for our Country is very much appreciated. 

What a great way to celebrate Veterans Day.